Do You Know What’s in Your Attic? Condensation?

June 27, 2019

Your home requires protection from and the prevention of condensation. So, what does metal roofing have to do with condensation? Here’s an explanation.

A properly installed metal roof, with a properly prepared attic, can prevent condensation.

Metal Roofing: Good Installation and Ventilation Means No Condensation

When installed on standard residential construction consisting of typical attic insulation, proper and well-functioning ventilation, and roof decking, metal roofs do not pose a condensation risk.

However, not all homes have these things and, on occasion, contractors will even install metal roofs on homes without roof decking. In these situations, this dampness can become a significant issue.

3 Ways to Avoid Condensation

There are three primary ways in which condensation is avoided in attics and, ideally, you want all three. While sometimes a home can function with just two of these things, it will not perform well with fewer than two unless perhaps it is located in an arid climate. Those three things are:

  1. Insulation on top of the ceilings, including sealing against any air leaks from the living space into the attic.
  2. Ventilation per building code, which means both intake and exhaust vents.
  3. A vapor barrier, such a continuous sheet of polyethylene behind the ceiling drywall.

Not considering these things when a metal roof is installed will pose risks. This is critical enough of an issue that we recommend reading this full, detailed discussion. For situations where there is a desperate need for additional breathability of an attic, a quality highly breathable underlayment like VENT3 can be helpful.

If it’s time for you to re-roof, we can help you determine if water and dampness is a current or potential problem for your attic,  with a simple inspection.

p.s. This post is part of our series of 10 Critical Things that most contractors often don’t know…but we do.