Time to Buy a New Roof? 8 Steps to Reduce Your Risk

May 27, 2020

New Roof? Reduce Risk. Aluma Tile Metal Roofing Systems Inc.

When it’s time to buy a new roof, like buying a car, you’ll probably do your on-line research. We appreciate and encourage that. Due diligence is excellent, but when you get to the point of needing local expertise from a trusted source, we’re right here in the heart of Florida

Aluma Tile Metal Roofing Systems guides homeowners to the right roofing decision that’s best for them and not just for us.  We will help you, too.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Help identify your must-haves and sure-would-be-greats in your next roof.  
  2. Learn about the unique needs of your home. 
  3. Look for ventilation issues or other problems that impact the health of your home.
  4. Discover the best product to match your needs wants. 
  5. Offer the style and color that best complements your home.
  6. Provide a detailed estimate, installation plan, and warranty offer.
  7. Schedule your installation by our highly trained and experienced installation teams. Installation is an overriding factor in roof performance. 
  8. Connect and communicate to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Risk is everywhere. Doesn’t it feel good to have some control over what comes next? 

You Have Choices

Choosing a quality product that meets you and your home’s criteria reduces the risk of regret. Choosing the right contractor is critical to reducing your anxiety over making the wrong roofing decision. We hope you’ll choose us. 

Save time and avoid hassles. Give us a call or send an email now. If we can help, we’ll work with you to schedule a free consultation.