Standing Seam

standing seam

Standing Seam Roofing Provides Vertical Metal Panels for Beauty and Protection

A familiar site on farmhouses and outbuildings, Standing Seam Vertical Metal Panels provide a historical, yet modern roof for any home or building.

  • Vertical lines draw attention to the beauty of your home while protecting it from the weather with smooth, long flowing panels of metal roofing.
  • Standing seam’s understated design complements other roofing materials so that it can be used as accents to the roof on porches, overhangs, additions or outbuildings.
  • Lower energy bills become a reality upon installation as special coatings serve not only to add beauty, but also to reflect the sun resulting in lower cooling costs.
  • A long-lasting roofing option, available in a variety of colors, standing seam roofing may be the perfect roofing process for your stately manor, cottage, home or any dwelling.

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Professionally Crafted and Installed with Durable Metals

Each standing seam metal roof is crafted and installed under the direction of Aluma Tile. Not all products are equal, so contact us and get the piece-of-mind knowing your options from a trusted professional.

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